Mikhail Meyer

16 May 2016

Born on 30th of August at 1936 in Moscow.

Honorary Professor of Moscow State University. A graduate of the Institute of Oriental Languages at Moscow State University (1960). In 1965 he brilliantly defended his thesis at Moscow State University, and in 1990 his doctoral dissertation on the history of the Ottoman Empire in the XVIII century.

In 1991 he was awarded the title of professor of Moscow State University.

From 1963 to the present M.S.Meyer works at the Institute of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University (until 1972, the Institute of Oriental Languages at Moscow State University). Since 1991, head of the Department of History of the Middle East IAAS in 1994-2012. - Director of IAAS of MSU,

in 2008-2010. - President of the Russian Society of Orientalists.

Commander of the Order of Friendship (2005) and the Order of the Rising Sun (Japan, 2010). Professor M.S.Meyer also awarded the badge "Honorary Worker of Russian Higher Professional Education" (1998); Jubilee Medal "200 Years of the Russian Foreign Ministry" and the Honorary Diploma of Ministry (2004).

With the active participation of M.S.Meyer MSU IAAS has created Department of History and culture of Japan, Department of Jewish Studies, Department of Central Asia and the Caucasus, a variety of educational and scientific centers of the East-West Countries for Indian Researches (in collaboration with the University of Hyderabad, India) Institute of sociology Seneca Academy (Taiwan), the International Council for the Malay language (Kuala Lumpur) and established stable scientific relations IAAS with foreign universities in Japan, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Korea, Germany, USA, Canada, Israel and etc.

Professor M.S.Meyer is a member of the International Committee of pre-Ottomans and Ottoman Researches, the North American Association for Middle East Researches, the Council of the International Congress of Asian and North African Researches, and editor in chief of the journal "Bulletin of Moscow University. Series 13. Oriental ", a member of the editorial board of" Historical Journal "(Moscow)," Oriental Collection "magazine, SBF Dergisi (Ankara University, Turkey) and Contemporary Central Asia (J. Nehru University, India).

Scientific works of Professor M.S. Meyer, devoted to the problems of world history have international recognition. He has published over 150 scientific and educational works on socio-political, economic and cultural history of the Ottoman Empire, Turkey and other Middle East countries, including monographs and textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation. Professor M.S. Meyer makes a significant contribution to the development of historical science, higher education, training and education in Oriental spheres of highest qualification, contributes to the strengthening of friendship and mutual understanding between nations, between people of different religions and cultures.

Key publications:

  • Meyer, M.S. The Ottoman Empire in the XVIII century. Features of structural crisis. Moscow, 1991.
  • Eremeev D.E., M.S. Meyer History of Turkey in the Middle Ages and modern times: Moscow State University, 1992.
  • Meyer M.S., Faizov S.F. Letters of translator of Ottoman Sultans Zulfikar-aga to the kings of Mikhail Fedorovich and Alexei Mikhailovich (1640-1656). Turkish diplomatics in the context of Russian-Turkish relations. Moscow: humanities 2008.
  • Meyer M.S., Kirillina S.A. and others Middle East and Islam in Russian Science and Education: traditions and modernity. Moscow: humanities 2003.
  • Kobischanov Yu.M. ,Meyer M.S. and others. Essays on the history of Islamic civilization. In 2 Vols., In general redaction of Yu.M. Kobischanov. T. 2. Moscow: ROSSPEN 2008.
  • Aganina G.R., Gainutdinova A.R., Meyer M.S., Frolov D.V. Collection of Islamic studies and manuals on qur’anic studies. Moscow: East Book 2012.
  • Alaev L.B., Ivanov N.A., Meyer M.S. and others. The history of the East. In 6 vols. T. 3: East at the turn of the Middle Ages and modern times. XVI - XVIII centuries. Moscow: Eastern Literature, 1999, 696 p.
  • Alaev L.B., Ashrafyan K.Z., Meyer M.S. and others. The history of the East. In 6 vols. T. 2: East in the Middle Ages. Moscow: Eastern Literature, 1995.
  • Atsamba F.M., Meyer M.S. and others. The history of Asia and Africa in modern times. Part 2. Tutorial. Moscow: Publishing House of Moscow State University, 1991.
  • Atsamba F.M., Meyer M.S. and others. The history of Asia and Africa in modern times. Part 1 Tutorial. Moscow: Publishing House of Moscow State University, 1989.
  • Source: website of MSU IAAS
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