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12 May 2016

Russia and Turkey are two countries with multifaceted relationship which is constantly developing. Along with the increasing political contacts at the highest level and the increase in volume of bilateral trade, which reached up to US $ 35 billion, the rapid development also gets closer to social and cultural relations. In the territory of Russian permanent residents is about 60-70 thousand Turkish citizens. In Turkey, the permanent residents of about 300 thousand Russian citizens. Furthermore, the intensity of guided tours on both sides of the year only increases each year. Although more obvious it is the close interaction both at the official and at informal levels, we must acknowledge that there are some issues that should be included into the intellectual partnership.

We had the opportunity to organize a meeting of intellectuals of the two countries, creating atmosphere for exchange of views in various areas, and contribute to the resolution of some problems that have arisen as a result of the development of relations.


3rd meeting of the Russian and Turkish intellectuals was held at the International Antalya University from 8 to 12 January 2015;

The meeting gathers intellectuals, academics and scientists, experts and journalists, 8-10 of representatives from each party that is a group of about 20 people;

All costs associated with the meeting, assumes International Development Institute of scientific cooperation (MIRNaS).

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