Participants of the II Meeting of Russian and Turkish Philosophers

16 Jun 2016

List of Russian Academy of Sciences Philosophy Institute delegation

  1. Sergey Nikolsky, Ph.D., Deputy. Director: "Russian as" imperial "people."
  2. Nasyrov Ilshat Rashitovich, Ph.D., lead researcher: "Religion and Cultural Identity in the XXI century."
  3. Kara-Murza Alexey, PhD, Head. of Division: "Russian identity issues in contemporary Russian philosophy."
  4. Porus Vladimir Natanovich, PhD, Head of division. Head of the Department at Higher School of Economics," Imitation of rationality: the situation in the Russian bureaucracy cultural crisis. "
  5. Maria M. Fedorova, PhD, Head. of sector: "Political strategies in the context of historical schemes."
  6. Neretina Svetlana, Ph.D., Chief Scientific Officer: "The problem of verbal expression in philosophy."
  7. Ruben Apresyan H., Ph.D., Head. of Department "Moral imperative: nature, sources, forms of representation. "
  8. Kuzmina Tamara, Ph.D., lead researcher: "The image of man in modern philosophy: the secular and the religious dimension".
  9. Lepsky Vladimir, Doctor of Psychological Sciences, Chief Researcher: "Becoming a subject-oriented approach and views on the development of scientific rationality. "
  10. Trofimova Xenia Pavlovna, researcher IF RAS: "The problem of religious boundaries traditions: the case of the Balkans. "
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