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14 Jun 2016

Despite the availability of a variety of information today, Russia and Turkey continue to form an idea about each other, based on the sources of the Western countries. It is necessary to establish direct humanitarian contacts to adequate mutual perception and to exchange expert opinions directly.

The annual meeting of the Russian and Turkish philosophers is an essential step of the interactions of philosophers-scientists of the two countries, that will create a solid base for development of joint research projects. Meetings are held with the support of the Institute of Philosophy, philological faculty of the University of Suleyman Shah, and the International Institute the development of scientific cooperation.

Topical issues of the development of philosophical thoughts in Russia and Turkey, the prospects for Russian-Turkish scientific cooperation in the humanitarian sphere are discussed during the meetings. Meetings involve academics, prominent intellectuals and writers, sociologists, philosophers, writers and poets. In addition to Russian and Turkish scientists’ presentations and reports are made by NGO representatives and journalists.

Jun 09
Международная Панельная Дискуссия "Восток, Запад, Россия: Эволюция Мировой Борьбы"

8 июня 2023 г. Международный Институт Развития Научного Сотрудничества "МИРНаС" ...

Dec 28
Научная конференция «2022: Предварительные итоги»

27 декабря 2022 года Международный институт развития научного сотрудничества «МИ ...

Nov 22
Поздравляем Елену Георгиевну Пономареву с юбилеем!

21 ноября отмечает юбилей Президент Международного Института Развития Научного С ...

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