The purpose of the Institute

17 Mar 2015

One of the most important factors determining the nature of modern international processes, the degree of trust and understanding between different nationalities and societies are knowledge and reliable information. In the foreground we see interdisciplinary and problem-oriented forms of research activities, comprehensive research programs, analytical and expert centers. The activity of "think tanks" acquires network character and new formats of scientific cooperation appear.

International Institute for the development of scientific co-operation has the following objectives:

  • mobilize the intellectual resources of the scientific and academic communities in different countries;
  • establishment and organization of creative and business relations of the scientific community in Russia and abroad, the integration of the university and academic science, the development of cooperation between business and authorities at all levels;
  • the creation of institutional preconditions for successful development of the social sciences and humanities;
  • coordinate the activities of scientific research groups and research projects under the auspices of MIRNaS;
  • integration of Russian scientists into the world scientific and intellectual community;
  • promote researchers in conducting joint of scientific research projects;
  • provision of international scientific cooperation and exchange of experience;
  • support for young researchers;
  • organization of scientific conferences, creating conditions for the formation of new ideas and alternative ways of exchange of opinions between researchers of different countries;
  • expert providing a variety of socially significant projects.
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