The meeting of Russian and Turkish young intellectuals

20 Jun 2016

October 16-17, 2015. in Koza-Centre Ipek University (Ankara, Turkey), held the first meeting of the Russian and Turkish young intellectuals on the theme "Youth and Globalization". The meeting of Russian and Turkish young intellectuals aimed on raising the intellectual level undergraduates and graduate students, the meeting held with an aim to develop the cultural and humanitarian cooperation between Russia and Turkey.The meeting was organized by the International Institute for the development of scientific co-operation, the Institute of Asia and Africa, Moscow State University and the University of Ankara Ipek. The conference was attended by Russian and Turkish undergraduates and graduate students.

The participants made presentations on topics such as "Information Media Space", "The activities of youth organizations and their role in the global process", "international terrorism", "Education and the international academic mobility", "Youth as the most vulnerable part of society," " Migration and employment "," What is globalization and its trends in the modern world. "

There was a cultural program organized for the participants of the meeting, during which they were able to get acquainted with Turkish culture and continue to communicate. The next meeting of Russian and Turkish young intellectuals will be held in Moscow.

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