Research centers

11 May 2016

The organizational structure of the institute conditioned by the scale of the project, the universality of its themes in the development of social sciences and humanities, as well as the quantitative and geographical coverage of the project. At the head of the institute is the Board of Trustees, consisting of the well-known scientists and public figures. The Board of Trustees approves the scientific program and priorities of the Institute, summarizes the activities of MIRNaS for a year, makes recommendations and approves plans for the next period. Operational management of the Institute is provided by a small working group, which includes the staff of MIRNaS (President, CEO, Scientific Director), as well as the managers of the research centers. For the constructive activity the Institute formed research centers in the following areas::

Mass media Center
Philosophy and Sociology Center
International Researches Center
Finance and Economy Center
History and Culture Center
Educational programs and academic mobility Center
Turkology Center

MIRNaS Institute is an independent organization and does not belong to any political party, group or government organization, it focuses exclusively on the academic, scientific and expert activities. The center consists of teachers, scientists, experts, students and undergraduates.

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