Participants of the III Meeting of Russian and Turkish Philosophers

20 Jun 2016

Russian members of the Third Meeting and Turkish Philosophers

The delegation from Moscow

  1. A.A. Guseinov, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy: the theme ‘Philosophy of Leo Tolstoy's understanding’
  2. S.A. Nicholay, Ph.D., deputy director of the Institute of Philosophy Russian Academy of Sciences: ‘Philosophical Murty’ and ‘destiny’ in the works of Russian writers XIX - early XX centuries.’
  3. V.N. Porus, Ph.D., Head of the Department of Philosophy National Research University - Higher School of Economics: ‘Understanding the philosophy of literature’
  4. R.G. Apresyan, Ph.D., Head of the Institute of Philosophy of Russian Academy of Sciences: "Phenomenology of reciprocity in the Homeric epics"
  5. S.S. Neretina, Ph.D., senior researcher at the Philosophy Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences' History of my distress ‘Pierre Abelard as the philosophy of literature’
  6. B.I. Pruzhinin, Ph.D., chief editor of the ‘Philosophy Issues: The Parable of the White Whale & N. Trubnikov as the experience of philosophical interpretation of literary work.’
  7. T.G. Shchedrin, Ph.D., professor of the Moscow Pedagogical State University: ‘The philosophical origins of ‘Hadji Murat’ by Lev Tolstoy’
  8. E.V. Kadyrbaeva, researcher at the Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences - reads the report Ph.D., chief scientific officer of the Institute Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences EY Solovyov's "Philosophy of love Tolstoy's prose, "which takes part in the conference in absentia.
  9. Andrey Vadimovich Smirnov. Russian scientist-philosopher, Doctor of Philosophy, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Deputy Director, Head of Sector the philosophy of the Islamic World Academy of Sciences Institute of Philosophy; branch manager Oriental Philosophy Faculty of the State Academic University of Human Sciences.
  10. Ilshat Rashitovich Nasyrov. Scientific Fellow, Department of Philosophy of the Islamic World, Institute of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy, Professor.
  11. Asalyoglu Arif, Director General of the International Institute of Scientific Cooperation Development (MIRNaS)
  12. Erdogan Ozdemir, candidate of political sciences

The delegation from St. Petersburg

  1. Yunus Nadi Shen, a graduate student of the Department of General History FGSN RUDN
  2. Sotnichenko Alexander Anatolievich, assistant professor of theory and history of international Relations Faculty of International Relations, St. Petersburg

State University (State University)

  1. Efim Rezvan Anatolyevich, doctor of historical sciences, the chief editor of the scientific journal & Quot; Manuscripta Orientalia & quot ;, the deputy director of the Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), Russian Academy of Sciences, professor of Eastern and philosophical faculties St.

Simultaneous translation

  1. Anna Rog. International instiutta development of scientific cooperation (MIRNaS)
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