The meeting of Russian and Turkish intellectuals

14 Jun 2016

Russia and Turkey are two neighboring countries with multifaceted relationship which is constantly developing along with the increase in the volume of bilateral trade, which reached 30-35 billion dollars, social and cultural relations are also rapidly developing. On the territory of the Russian Federation permanently residing around 60-70 thousand Turkish citizens. In Turkey, the permanent number of Russian citizens is about 300 thousand. Besides, the travel of citizens of both countries for tourism purposes continues, the number of which increases from year to year. In this situation there is an increase in social and cultural rapprochement between the two states that, along with this, give rise to some new certain problems.

The meeting of Russian and Turkish intellectuals:

We had the opportunity to organize a meeting of intellectuals of the two countries, the social, economic and cultural relations which are constantly evolving, creating the atmosphere for the exchange of views in various areas, and contribute to the resolution of some problems arising from the development of such relations by scientists.

We offer:

  1. To conduct such meetings annually at a specific time on January 8-15,
  2. Meeting up every year in various cities of Turkey and Russia, such as Antalya, Istanbul, Alanya, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Sochi and etc.
  3. Conduct the first meeting between 9-13 January 2013 in Antalya,
  4. To organize a meeting of intellectuals, scientists and science activists of 8-10 representatives from each side that form a group of 20 people,
  5. Conduct an annual meeting, on 4-5 pre-defined topics for discussion,
  6. Out of the 4 days of the event, spend 2 days to devote to an exchange of views, the remaining 2 days for the cultural program
  1. According to the results of presentations at the meetings and conferences to publish a book for the following year, until the next meeting.

Organising Committee:

  1. The members of the Organising Committee:
  2. Naumkin Vitaly Vyachaslavovich. - Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow
  3. Ulchenko Natalia Yuryevna - Head of the Department of Turkey, Institute of Oriental Studies. Moscow
  4. Arif Asalyoglu - General Director of "Turkish-Russian Cultural Center". Moscow
  5. Galimullina Aigul Ravilevna - Member Turkish-Russian intelligence platform, Cultural Center, Moscow
  6. Cihat Göktepe - Rector of the International University of Antalya. Turkey
  7. Karim Has - IAAS of MSU
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