Velikhan Mirzekhanov

16 May 2016

Doctor of Historical Sciences (2001).


Senior Research Employee, Head of the Center for the Study of the XIX century Institute of General History RAN


Professor of Department of the countries of post-Soviet countries RSUH, Professor of Faculty of global processes MSU MV Lomonosov (2013)




Graduated from the historical faculty of the Saratov State University.


Dean of the Faculty of History of the Saratov State University (1998-2008), Head Department of the new History , modern times and international relations (2001-2007).


Director of the Saratov branch of the Institute of General History RAN (2003 - 2009)


Scientific Director of the Saratov Interregional Institute for Social Sciences (2001 - 2010)


Interests in scientific area:


Intellectual history, global history, colonial and post-colonial researches.


Membership in organizations and editorial boards:


The expert of the National Research University Higher School of Economics.


Participation in international programs:


Director of the program (the Russian side) of the European Union's Tempus TACIS T-JER 08501-94 "Social science: an interdisciplinary approach" (1994-1997.);

Director of the "Project for Support and Development Department of History of Modern and Contemporary History of Saratov State University named after NG Chernyshevsky, in collaboration with the Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences of World History" Megaproject "Development of Education in Russia" "Open Society Institute", grant N: NVA922 (2000 -2002.).

Scientific director of the project "Phenomenology of the authorities: state, society and individual fate (the experience of Russia and the world)" in the Programme "Inter-regional research in the social sciences", carried out by ANO "ISE-Center (Information Science Education...)," the Ministry of Education , the Institute for advanced Russian researches. Kennan (USA), Carnegie Corporation of New York (USA), by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (USA) (2000 - present).

Director of the International Summer School "History of the Russian Empire - overcoming the shortcomings of national and regional narratives" (2003-2005) Grant HESP

Key publications:


Public opinion in independent Africa. M .: Institute of African Russian Academic Sciences. 2000 - 296 p. / In collaboration with N.I.Vysotskaya, AE Gomaa, Y. V.Irkhin and etc. ISBN 5-201-04720-3

Intellectuals, government and society in Sub-Saharan Africa - Moscow: IVI RAN, 2001. - 248 p. ISBN 5-94067-031-8

From imperical history to the national history: Features of the Ottoman state in modern times. Saratov. Publishing house Sarat. Univ. 2002. - 72s.ISBN 5-292-02956-4

Spiritual culture and development in a globalizing world: the vision of Africans - Saratov, "Science", 2007, - 124c. ISBN 978-5-91272-350-6

The crisis of the "ideology of development": some reflections on the structural adjustment policies in Africa / post-industrial world, and Russia. M .: Editorial URSS. 2001.- S.334-340.

Power, democracy and "intellectual governance" in the transitional societies // Logos №4-5 (39), 2003.- S.195-205.

Blink identity / individual and collective history. Proceedings of the International Conf. - Saratov: Izd Sarat. University, 2004.- S.52-59

The natives are dying for the republic: a symbolic turning point of perception by the French soldiers from the colonies during the First World War / Modern and Contemporary History: Interuniversity collection of scientific papers. - Saratov: Izd Sarat. University Press, 2008. - Vyp.22.- S. 152- 159

Academic freedom as a factor of quality of education in the modern University / World history: a single scientific and educational prostranstvo.-http: // 2013

Source: Institute of General History RAN site

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